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Young Producers present at City Arts

Date published: 30 Jan 2015

Posted by: Joe Pick

Graffiti Installation

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These photos were taken at our launch event for the Young Producers, held at City Arts’ Hockley premises. As part of their first project WITH City Arts, the Young Producers have been working on creating a series of workshops for previous participants of the Express Yourself programme. This project was named Express Yourself Further and has focused on introducing Secondary School students to the Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

The Young Producers decided to focus on themes of the urban and the emerging city, working with local artist Nathan Bainbridge. Nathan has been painting graffiti for over a decade and his distinct style can be seen around the Creative Quarter in places such as Cobden Chambers. He worked closely with Young Producer’s Jack Donohoe, who assisted on the piece, and Emily Aves, who led some of the workshops.

The work produced was a reflection of the young people’s ideas of the city, in which they were encouraged to take influence from local architecture and then creatively draw a likeness of the buildings with a few of their own unique twists.

The finished installation was displayed alongside a selection of the Young Producers work. The event also offered opportunity for local young artists to discover what the Young Producers have been doing and see if they want to get involved. An open meeting will be held at City Arts, on February 11th, from 5.30 to 7.00pm, for new and old members to meet.