Creative activities with older people

Date published: 25 Apr 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

Older woman sniffing a jar of herbs

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We have just published six activities sheets, that can be downloaded as a single PDF, to the publications section of our website.  These were put together by artist Becky Beinart for our Creativity in Care programme and contain a number of practical tips, advice and instructions for running engaging and interesting creative activities with older people.

The toolkits were developed out of Becky’s work in Eastgate care home in Nottinghamshire.  Activities include creating maps of the local area, making herbal remedies, hosting a film night, printing and much more.  If you work with older people be sure to check them out.

Download the toolkits from our ‘Publications’ page.

Here’s a recipe for making your own lavender scented bath bombs, taken from one of the toolkits:

Lavender bath bombs

2-3 teaspoons dried lavender
1 tbsp citric acid powder
3 tbsp bicarbonate of soda
10 drops lavender essential oil
1 tsp plant-based oil (vegetable or almond oil)

Make sure that the bowl you are using and your hands, are completely dry – otherwise the bomb will start fizzing. Mix the citric acid and bicarbonate of soda together. Add a few drops of lavender oil and 2-3 tsp dried lavender flowers, along with the vegetable or almond oil. Mix everything together with a metal spoon.

Place the biscuit cutter on top of a sheet of baking paper. Put the mixture into the biscuit cutter and press down with the back of the spoon. The oil now needs to evaporate so the bomb can set as a dry, hard block – leave for a minimum of 30 minutes and preferably overnight.