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Express Yourself five year celebration

Date published: 30 Jan 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick

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Here’s a few photos from last Wednesday’s bash celebrating five years of our Express Yourself programme.  Through the project City Arts has worked with over 300 young people from Gedling, using art to inspire, build the confidence and raise the self-esteem of young people with mental health issues.

We are very proud of the programme and all the young people who have taken part in it; those who came along were given certificates for their effort and progress.

During the speeches it was fantastic to hear how highly regarded Express Yourself is amongst the people connected to it.  Sarah Cook, Arts Development Officer for our partners Gedling Borough Council, was very complementary about working with City Arts.  Jean Gregory from the Emotional Health & Wellbeing Services had kind words to share about why they refer to and support the programme.  It was great to hear from one of Express Yourself’s star participants, Meridith Dickin, who spoke about her journey through the programme and the change it has made to her life.

“I’ve benefited in many different ways, Express Yourself showed me lots of different art forms and helped me discover what I want to do with my future. It’s what I think of when I imagine my future career and one of the only places I get excited about going to.”

Meridith, speaking earlier this month

Overall, it was a brilliant little event for a wonderful project.