Express Yourself through printmaking

Date published: 4 Sep 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick


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Over the past few weeks, teenagers enrolled on our Express Yourself programme have been learning about print making from artist Anthony Godfry.

For over five years, through Express Yourself, City Arts has been running creative workshops to help build the confidence and raise the self-esteem of young people from the Gedling area of Nottinghamshire. The print making sessions reached the largest group of young people to date.


The kids were taught a series of different printing techniques: drypoint, which involves scratching an image onto acetate with a needle; linocuts; screen printing; and monoprinting, where the image you produce is unique.

One of the aims of Express Yourself is to support young people to gain qualifications. The print making workshops were led in part by volunteer, and ex-participant, Meridith Dickin. Her role included recruiting the artist and running sessions. Meridith is working towards a Gold Arts Award and her work on the project will contribute to this.


In one workshop participants learnt about bookbinding. Meridith will be creating a book of the groups print work, which will be available for purchase online.

On the 20th of August, at the pavilion in Arnot Hill Park, we held an event celebrating the young people’s amazing work. Participant’s families attended. The prints were on display alongside photos from the sessions.