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Date published: 21 Jan 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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Since the late 1970s, City Arts’ community work has been positively affecting lives in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and beyond.  This history has given us an unrivaled understanding of the important role that the arts, and creativity, play in a person’s sense of place, responsibility and usefulness in society.  We have helped thousands of individuals to become happier, healthier and more involved members of their community.

We are able to do this work because of the public funding we receive from Arts Council England and Nottingham City Council.  Read on to learn more about what public funding has enabled us to achieve.

Work with young people:

Two children look at the Star Child puppetCity Arts uses its expertise to offer workshops and arts sessions to vulnerable young people with disabilities , with mental health issues and  in schools.  These sessions support them to develop new skills, increase their confidence and learn to express themselves creatively.

In the last three years public funding has supported over 13,000 attendances by young people at City Arts’ sessions.

“Doing it is cheering, it makes you happier than doing anything else”

“I feel proud because I didn’t know we could do the things we’ve done, I feel like I’ve produced something significant”

Schools workshop participants

Work with vulnerable adults

Group work on mosaicAs well as working with young people, City Arts targets resources towards vulnerable adults.  This includes offering arts activities that support the recovery of people with mental health difficulties, running sessions in care homes to improve older people’s well-being and much more.

In the last three years there were just under 10,000 attendances by adults at City Arts’ sessions that could not have happened without public funding.

“It’s the best thing I’ve done.  It’s given me confidence; since I’ve started art I’ve started volunteering again.  I’ve started a new job!”

“It’s done so much for me.  It’s got me going on public transport on my own and doing other things that I never would have done before,  it has given me the confidence to go back to work.”

Arts on Prescription participants

Performances and Public Art

City Arts runs, supports & participates in events that delight, entertain and enrich the communities of Nottinghamshire – The Big Walk, Light Night, Night of Festivals & World Event Young Artists are just a few.  The vast majority of these event are free to all who attend.

In the last three years, just over 30,000 people have enjoyed events or performances that City Arts has worked on.

Opportunities for artists

In the same three year period, we have created over 1000 employment opportunities for artists and supported many more into training and jobs.  We are proud to be part of the United Kingdom’s dynamic and economically successful creative industries, which it is known for the world over.

Public funding for arts and culture in England costs each person in England just 14p per week. Find out more on Arts Council England’s website.