Flashcards, Pom Pom Clouds, Sourdough and more with the Young Producers

Date published: 4 May 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Sourdough starter in decorated jar

Our Young Producers have been sharing creative activities to do at home on their Instagram account.

They want to provide you with inspiration and motivation; help you look at your surroundings in a new light; and share new skills and techniques.

Here are last week’s challenges, have a go and post the results with the hashtags #youngproducersnottingham and #isolationcreationchallenge.


Creating Natural Dyes – Part 2

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Isolation creation challenge: creating natural dyes part 2. I apologise for this late upload, I had actually prepared over the weekend, shown in the lovely, sunny photographs! I had just completely forgot to upload today 🙃 Here I have created a bold yellow dye with turmeric powder! You will need: Marigold gloves (otherwise turmeric WILL stain your hands – you can see in the last photo how it has strained my marigolds!) An old piece of clothing you want to bring new life to (again, preferably a natural fibre) Salt and white wine vinegar (these help the dye stick) A large stove pot Step 1: Pour turmeric powder and water into a large stove pot. I used 150g turmeric to 3.5L of water, (you can see in the photograph the hue it gave). Add a generous amount of salt, and 3tsp of white wine vinegar. Bring to boil. Step 2: Cool down and summer for about half an hour. Dampen the fabric/garment you wish to dye (dampening it will aid the dyeing) and when the water has cooled, place fabric into the dye. Leave to soak for 2 hours. Step 3: When you are happy with the colour transfer you can see, bring the pot to the sink/bathtub you are using, take you garment out of the dye and rinse thoroughly until the water starts to run clear (although this never happened for me). Then hang out to dry. As mine never ran clear, once it had dried naturally I put it through a washing machine cycle, on its own, at 30°C. This did the trick and I would recommend doing this before the first time you wear it. I would recommend washing your garment with dark or similar colours the first few times you wear it, to prevent colour run in the wash. Enjoy your new garment! If you try this out please do share and tag #youngproducersnottingham #isolationcreations #art #dyes #natural

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Pom Pom Clouds


Poetry Thursday

The group have started showcasing poetry on their Instagram every Thursday. This week’s is “Same boat” by Young Producer Meridith Dickin. Enjoy!


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