Getting ready for Pride with the Young Producers

Date published: 21 Jul 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Illustration of houses with pride banner hanging

Nottinghamshire Pride is going online this year. On Saturday 25th July, 7-9pm, they will be showcasing performances and interviews for you to enjoy from the comfort of home.

To help you gear up for the festivities our Young Producers are sharing Pride-inspired creative activities – get involved!

Make a Macrame Bracelet

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This week is all about getting ready for Nottingham Pride Saturday 25th July Make your own macrame bracelet. Materials: Embroidery threads of chosen colours 80-90 inches Measuring tape Scissors Tape and/or a clipboard to hold the threads down Instructions: 1. Here we are using trans pride colours so I used two blue threads, two pink threads, and one white thread. Five threads, one for each stripe on the flag. With all the threads grouped together, fold them in half to make a loop and tie it off. 2. It might be easier to separate the threads into the pattern that you want, with a chevron design that means you need the order of the threads to be the same on each side, here we have the order of the colours for the trans pride flag on each side. 3. To make a forwards knot, you make a four with thread 1 on the left so that it crosses thread 2 and then loop it under thread 2 and pull up tight. Once the thread is pulled tight you will have to repeat the four shape and pull to complete the knot (otherwise it will come loose). Still using thread 1 make those same knots on the following threads 3, 4, and 5, until you reach the middle. 4. Now starting on the other side we do backwards knots. It is a backwards four, also tie twice and continue on the following threads until you reach the middle. 5. Now with each thread 1 in the middle we can do a forward-backward knot, make a forward four and pull it tight then make the backwards four and pull it tight. Then start the next row with thread 2 from each side. 6. When you have made enough rows to fit comfortably around your wrist, with any left over thread you can either tie on a button or braid the threads to tie through the loop, I chose to do both and then cut away the excess. #nottinghampride #transpride #artsandcrafts #artnottingham #pride

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Tie-Dye Clothes

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We are getting ready for Nottingham Pride weekend with Tie-Dye! Here I am sharing with you how to dye your own garments using a spiral tie-dye technique. You will need: A garment or fabric piece of your choice (I recommend this being a natural fibre or half natural fibre, as the dye will take better). Dyes of your choice of colour – here I have used pink, purple and blue, the colours of the bisexual flag (a dye brand I would recommend is DYLON, you can buy this online here: Salt A plastic tub or Pyrex dish String or elastic bands Step 1 Pour your dye into a glass jar and top with a generous amount of salt. Add warm water and let the dye and salt fully dissolve. Set aside. Step 2 Slightly dampen your garment/fabric, as this will help the dye take. Find the centre of your garment/fabric and start gently twisting. When you have a circular shape, grab your string or elastic bands and secure it in place by wrapping it around. Wrap around as much string or as many elastic bands as you like. Be careful of adding too little, as your dye may run too much, and too many will prevent your dye from getting to areas. Step 3 Place your fabric bundle into a tub or Pyrex dish. Carefully pour the dye over. Here I have poured the dye in horizontal stripes, just like the flag. Set aside for 2 hours. Step 4 Over the sink or bath tub carefully untie your string. Unravel and rinse your garment in cold water. Rinse thoroughly until the water starts to run clear (this may take a while). Step 5 Leave to dry and voila! Your garment is ready to wear. I would recommend washing your garment in cold water, with dark or similar colours, when you first wash it. #nottinghampride #artsandcrafts #tiedye #pride

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Make a Banner

Outfit Inspiration

Make up

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Getting ready for Nottingham pride this Saturday. Make up! If you're a pro at this great but how do you start? Here are some tips: Materials needed: * Printer/waterproof black fineliner * Paper * Watercolours (Or pencils/inks/pens/paint of any kind to colour) * Eyeshadows in various colours * Eyeshadow brush/applicator 1. Either draw your own sets of eyes with a waterproof black fineliner or print out the blank template I have drawn here. 2. Think about what design you would like to create and make sure you will be able to recreate that design with make-up, so try to keep it fairly simple and revolve around colour. Think about what eyeshadow colours you already own and try to only use those colours in your painted design. You could also use the pride flags to influence your design or you can colour your design however you like! 3. Use either this template or the eyes you have drawn yourself to design a pride make up look on each of the sets of 6 eyes. I used watercolour paints to paint my designs which I printed out onto watercolour paper but you could use any medium to colour the design that you like. You could have a go with coloured pencils, felt tips, chalks, pastels, inks whatever you prefer! This steps let’s you play around with design and colour without having to keep removing make up from your face! You might also find it is easier to be bolder on paper and paint which can then mean more fun and playfulness with your make up. 4. Happy with your eye make up designs on paper? Finished adding colour to your template? It’s now time to put the paints and the paper away and to reach for the eyeshadow! 5. Decide which of the six designs you want to recreate with make-up and wear today. I used NYX Ultimate eyeshadow palette (brights) to get the bright colours but you can use whatever eyeshadow/make up you already have at home. Use the designs to help guide how you apply your eyeshadow, then just have fun! #nottinghampride #pridemakeup #pride

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Rainbow Cupcakes

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Getting ready for Nottingham pride. We look fantastic! Now for some baking! Rainbow cupcakes 1. Bake your cupcakes with your favourite cupcake recipe, I made mine in rainbow coloured paper cases with a vegan recipe. Let cupcakes cool before decorating. 2. Create your buttercream icing and divide the mixture equally into six bowls. 3. Colour your icing with all the colours of the rainbow, gel food colour is best for this as it won’t alter the consistency of the icing like a liquid food colour might. Your buttercream needs to be stiff so add more icing sugar if you need to. 4. Spoon the colours of buttercream out in lines on a sheet of cling film. The colours should be right up against each other, smooth them out with a spoon before using the clingfilm to roll the buttercream into a log, sort of like making sushi. Chill the log. 5. Snip off the tip of the cling film log and insert this into a piping bag with a large star nozzle, twist the end of the piping bag closed and the buttercream should start to come out of the nozzle. 6. With the bag twisted closed, squeeze out the buttercream icing by squeezing the large end with one hand, and guiding the nozzle with the other hand. Starting at the middle of the cupcake go around in a circle piping the icing out, and then in one smooth motion continue to make a smaller circle on top to create that “dollop” effect. Enjoy! #nottinghampride #pride #cupcakes #rainbow

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Rainbow Cocktail

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