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Mosaics for City Hospitals Renal Ward

Date published: 28 Oct 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

Daydreaming on Dialysis Mosaic

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Back in May we told you about a new project we were running on the renal wards of Nottingham City Hospital called Daydreaming on Dialysis. Over the summer the artists from Zantium Mosaics have been working hard to put the finishing touches to a series of mosaic panels created by patients undergoing dialysis. This gallery contains photos of the finished Mosaics.

Patients on the wards created the panels and Zantium have incorporated snippets of poetry written as part of the project. Brilliant creative writer Panya Banjoko worked with patients to produce the touching and thought provoking poetry.

Many of the patients said at the outset of the project that they had never done any arts or poetry before. Despite this, the work produced shows an exceptional talent for the arts and all the artists involved have spoken about how inspiring it has been to hear people’s stories during the project, some poignant and contemplative, others moving and humorous.

The main aim of this project was to offer stimulating artistic activities for people who spend up to 6 hours at a time receiving treatment, 3 times a week. Many of the patients have said how much they enjoyed the sessions and we have had a great time working with such fantastic and inspiring people.

Dr Emma Coyne from the hospital said:

The integration of the poetry and the beautiful designs is amazing. In fact, when I saw them I was so overwhelmed I could have cried. They are beyond our dreams!

This was a pilot project so we are looking forward to working with patients on the renal wards in the future. The work still needs to go up on the wall on the wards; we will have some photos of the mosaics in the their new home to share with you in the future.