A review of ‘Nine’ at Surface Gallery, Nottingham

Date published: 26 Aug 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick

Teenger standing with artwork

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Following a trip last month to the Surface Gallery in Nottingham, two young people enrolled on our Express Yourself programme wrote the following review of the exhibition ‘Nine’. Reviewing an arts event is a requirement of the Silver Arts Award, which the two participants are working towards.

This is a review of the Surface Gallery exhibition in Nottingham. In the gallery was the work of Peter Lumley, who’s creative and explores alternative styles such as underground psychedelic art, non-western and fetish art, the art of children and of the mentally ill. His work was different from everything else and very unique. It was a bit unsettling as the art work was raw and impulsive, it featured the use of many types of artistic media such as beads, stickers and other embellishments, this added dimension brought the images to life and allowed us to feel more connected to the art. We also thought the art work was interesting and very imaginative.

Teenage stands in front of artwork

Another artist was Jade Yasmin How. Her work focuses on the essence of simplicity and how sensations are felt by each person as an individual. It brings up loads of questions about human nature and desire and the fragility of people and their complex emotions. We liked this work as we felt it expressed feelings and emotions in a way all people can understand.

In this exhibition there were many other artists who’s work together was impressive and a wonderful visual celebration of the creative processes. It offered a very educational insight into the range of activities studio artists of 2014 are currently engaged in.

Mollie and Roma, Express Yourself