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Yarn-bombed mobility scooters at Hockley Street Fayre

Date published: 2 Oct 2015

Posted by: Joe Pick

Yarn-bombed mobility scooters

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A few images from Hockley Street Fayre on Saturday 19th September 2015: an annual day of environmentally friendly fun in the heart of Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

City Arts incredible Young Producer’s ran series of engaging art activities for the public, highlighting the use of different modes of transport and the benefits of choosing to travel sustainably to everyday destinations.

At our stall families were invited to draw around their feet and produce an artwork that represent their journey into Nottingham that day. Artists Emily Aves and Vicky Litchfield teamed up with a local historian to lead an art walk exploring the Creative Quarter. Along the way participants undertook a series of drawing exercises helping them to take a closer look at the area’s beautiful, yet often unnoticed, architecture.

Elsewhere, Theatre Design Student and Young Producer Nikki Charlesworth ‘yarn-bombed’ two mobility scooters. Driven by Nikki and her father, and announced by Adam Sharrock’s insistent drumming, they looked incredible weaving in and out of the gathered crowds.

Run by the Big Wheel – along with Sustrans and the Creative Quarter – the Fayre was a celebration of European Mobility Week, an initiative encouraging people to leave their cars at home and use trains, trams, and buses, cycling and walking to help create a more people-friendly city environment.

From 27th to 29th of November 2015 our Young Producers will take over City Arts and run a mini-festival. Expect exhibitions, live music and poetry and free creative workshops.