“My Mother Tongue” by Antonia Attwood

Date published: 23 Jun 2016

Posted by: Joe Pick

Still from film

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Watch Antonia Attwood’s stunning film “My Mother Tongue”. We selected this short for ‘A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience’, our latest exhibition at the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health.  Antonia describe the piece as follows:

This body of work is as an exploration of a mothers experience with Bipolar disorder, as imagined through the eyes of her daughter. The body of work builds on how the condition is experienced by the mother, scrutinizing her internal and external worlds. By juxtaposing moving image on two screens, I aim to illustrate and visually interpret how the illness ‘feels’. The metaphorical symbols create an attempt to raise awareness and understanding of the mood affectations and the phenomenology of mental illness. The work interrogates how it feels to be vulnerable and overwhelmed by the world living with a medical condition. The viewer is forced into the uncomfortable reality of the illness. It arises from but transcends the mothers experience with Bipolar. It is not about communicating a straightforward message, but it interrogates an idea exploring aspects of that intended message.

Antonia’s work aims to illustrate how mental illness ‘feels’. She graduated from BA Hons in Photography in 2014 and her practice explores ideas around the phenomenology of mental health. Antonia is a member of Visual Voices, a creative organisation using photography and video to collaborate with and tell the unheard stories of marginalised communities.

‘A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience’, runs from 23 May to 23 September 2016.