Exhibitions with the Institute of Mental Health

Project dates: May 2009 - June 2023

Showcasing work by artists with experience of mental health issues

Various exhibition catalogues

City Arts works with the University of Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health to curate and present exhibitions. The shows explore the experience of mental ill-health from a range of different perspectives. Artists from across the UK and around the world share work.

The exhibitions are inclusive and varied, with an array of work from exciting new artists both professional and non-professional, both trained and self-taught. Through a supportive and accessible process, we give them the opportunity to showcase their work to a wider audience and develop as artists.

Open Exhibitions

Since 2009, we have run an annual open exhibition with the Institute. Through an open call for submissions, we request work on theme closely related to mental health. Issues explored include diversity, trauma, uncertainty and loneliness. Selection panels have involved mental health services users, young creatives and academics working in the field of mental health.

This photograph shows two women sitting on white chairs in a field. the grass has lots of Daisies in it and to the right there are bushes. The woman closer to the camera is wearing a red top and has long dark hair and her face can be seen reflected in a round mirror that the second woman is holding. The second woman is sitting in the middle of the field, wearing a red top and orange trousers with brown hair.
Reflecting on my Mother by Carola Cappellari, 2019.
Part of ‘Mirror’, 2022.

The annual exhibition has been a platform for artists including Diana Ali, Liz Atkin, Daniel Regan and Lucy Sparrow.

Solo Exhibitions

In collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health, we present exhibitions by artists concerned with mental health issues and other forms of neurodivergence.

The shows focus on a single artist, or collective, and could be a retrospective or the result of specific creative project. Artists supported to showcase their work include photographer Colin Potsig and New York-based outsider artist Susan Spangenberg.